La Fábrica PhotoLondon

Shortlist 2017

La Fábrica and Photo London are delighted to announce the 20 shortlisted projects for the Book Dummy Award 2017.

The winner of the 2018 edition will be announced on 15 January 2019 and the book will be publicly presented at Photo London 2019 and afterwards at PHotoEspaña 2019.

Please see the complete shortlist below:

  • Angeniet Berkers: Echo. Growing up on a Remote Canadian Reserve
  • Alfredo Blasquez: Playa Zero
  • Simon Brodbeck & Lucie de Barbuat: Memories of a Silent World
  • Arunà Canevascini: Villa Argentina
  • Marina Caneve: Are they rocks or clouds?
  • Carlos Chavarría: Façade
  • Enrique Escandell: Subterráneos
  • Yuki Furusawa: Things About My Mom and Me
  • Karolina Gembara: When we lie down, grasses grow from us
  • Philipp Meuser & Cale Garrido: Neorrurales
  • Melina Papageorgiou: Paper Cup, Plastic Cup
  • Víctor M. Pérez: Alive at Midlife
  • Isaac Rupérez Cano: Than nothing, than flowers
  • Giancarlo Shibayama: The Shibayamas
  • Michał Siarek: Alexander
  • Daniel Stier: A Tale of One City
  • Maria Sturm: You don’t Look Native to Me
  • Kazuya Urakawa: Tokyo Perspective
  • Hannes Wiedemann: Bits and Pieces
  • Cemre Yesil & Alice Caracciolo: Piet[r]á