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Curator: Ana Berruguete
From: 01.2018

Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (Havana, 1928 – Paris, 2001), known as Korda, not only is one of the most important figures of Cuban photography and by extension of Latin America, but also universally. While his iconic portrait of Che Guevara “Heroic Guerrilla Fighter” gave him widespread international fame, it was another type of portraiture –female portraits-, for which he felt authentic passion. His desire to capture the beauty of women was the reason that he was drawn to photography. He was a self-taught photographer that developed a unique signature style through fashion and advertisement assignments. This exhibition relays the story of Korda´s tireless impulse to immortalize the beauty of women. Sixty portraits in black and white have been selected to portray this lesser-known facet of the artist´s work that marked his personal and artistic trajectory.