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Curator: Oliva María Rubio
From: 01.2018

This exhibition brings together a selection of photographs created by Carlos Saura in the Spain of the 1950s. It is a photographic album of the towns and people of Spain that Carlos Saura happened upon during his diverse travels throughout the country. These images take us back to a Spain of hardship, of towns with unpaved streets, with adobe and stone houses, of peasants that shield the cold with blankets, of men whose only means of transportations are wagons pulled by donkeys or mules. But it is also a Spain of people that are open, humble and hardworking that reflect the life and customs of the locals. Like many of the photographers interested in Spain in the 50s, including Ramón Masats, Català-Roca, Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, they eye of Carlos Saura conveys empathy to a land that had suffered the Civil war and continued to suffer poverty, repression and the lack of liberties under Franco´s regime.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Carlos Saura