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Curator: Oliva María Rubio
From: 01.2018

Objects have been a foundational aspect of Chema Madoz´s work since he began in the nineties. But, if we take a close look at the work he has created over the years, we can also observe the significant role of nature. Chema Madoz operates with elements from nature in the same way that he works with objects, by searching for associations, displacements, metamorphoses, relationships, combinations, juxtapositions, and fortuitous encounters. These are evocative and poetic images in which the objects convert into elements of nature, and on the contrary, elements from nature become objects. Chema Madoz lives in a constant predisposition, always alert to the rise of new images. There are no barriers for his imagination, and he seems to never exhaust the possibilities of gaining deeper understandings of things.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Chema Madoz