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Curator: Chema Conesa
From: 12.2017

Juana Biarnés initially began working in photography to help her father. At his studio where Ramón Masts used to develop also, the first female journalist in Spain was trained at a time in which she would have to confront certain prejudices. She worked her way into a man´s world to capture images that reveal proximity and sincerity, without unneeded artifice. Her persistent in capturing «the photo», the image that would stand out and explain everything, as her father always advised her, as noteworthy. She had the necessary tenacity for someone swimming against the current. At a time in which the country was still for the most part closed off to the outside world and the majority of Spanish women had not greater ambition than to be the appendix added to their husbands, Juana was covering filming of The Front Page, the Oscars, the pearl fishers in Japan, and the women connected with Pancho Villa in Mexico.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Juana Biarnés