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Curators: Martin Parr y Cristina de Middel
From: 10.2017

The Magnum agency celebrates in 2017 its 70th anniversary. It has enjoyed 70 years of creating icons and consolidating photography as a tool for describing the world in which we live. Since Robert Capa founded the agency, however, many aspects of the world of photography have changed. Magnum has dominated without yield the impact of the market and even seems to have become the sanctum sanctorum of photographic professionalism. This exhibition will brings together images from the Magnum agency archive by 20 photographers of distinct generations that will propose a tangential retrospective of Magnum through its history and photographic styles. At the same time, the exhibition will also show the more amiable face of these artists, of them either at playing or observing others at play.

Exhibition produced by Fundación Telefónica.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Players. Magnum photographers watch the game