Juan Lopez (Alto Maliaño, Cantabria, 1979) His work explores the aesthetic possibilities of the urban environment, play with the spaces, mixing video projections and installations  designing complex iconic buildings and trying to change the perception of the arquitecture with direct drawings on the walls. In his work lies a deep interest in direct contact to the language developed in the street with the different artistic codes within the scope of private and institutional. Thus, his productions are filled with elements that make immediate reference to urban space. The use of ephemeral materials-tape-and waste in their works, and certain elements of the street such as graffiti, placards or posters, stickers, photocopies or fanzines, refer to their immediate surroundings.

His work has been exhibited in galleries, art centers, fairs and national and international museums, most notably: La Casa Encendida, Madrid; La Fábrica Gallery, Madrid; Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona; MUSAC, León; Laboral Art Center, Gijón; Joan Miró Fundation, Barcelona; Artium, Vitoria; Liste Art Fair, Basel; O.K. Centrum Linz, Austria; National Museum Of the Republic. Brasilia; Tokyo Wonder Site, Japón.