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In 2005 La Fábrica designed a cultural programme for IberCaja’s Obra Social y Cultural. The project proposes a new social and cultural programme for young people to be carried out both in the bank’s new headquarters in Zaragoza and in the rest of the entity’s operating territory.

The project conceives a very ambitious centre that aims not only to become a point of reference in its own city but also to have a national and international impact with a new programme devoted specifically to cutting-edge culture.

La Fábrica suggested an innovative concept for this centre:

– A joint activity programme covering training, exhibitions and competitions in all fields of current creation: plastic arts, visual arts, performing arts, music, literary arts, scientific dissemination and humanities.

– The types of quality facilities needed to carry out the programme.

– A communications plan focused on a brand and the strategyto follow.

– The ideal way to manage the programme and start it up.