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In 2006, La Fábrica developed a plan for a new centre devoted to promoting contemporary creation in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It will be inaugurated by the Obra Cultural de Caja Vital in 2010.

Directed by Araceli de la Horra, KREA will be definitively located in an old rehabilitated convent enlarged for this purpose with over 8,000 m2 of facilities. Its core activities are mainly addressed to a young public and revolve around culture and the most cutting-edge artistic manifestations without forgetting other fields of social interest (thought, science, solidarity…), always with an artistic focus.

The centre’s areas of activity are presented from various spheres of the cultural process. Creation, Exhibitions and Encounters, and Leisure, are its main pillars.?

KREA offers a multidisciplinary activity programme and covers all fields of current creation: plastic arts, cinema and video, music, dance and theatre, literary arts and other manifestations of the cultural world from its most artistic perspective such as architecture, fashion, design, etc.

Krea places great emphasis on communication of its activities, proposing an ambitious communications strategy capable of attracting new audiences for its activities through a programme of dissemination actions that is attractive, innovative and perfectly identifiable with the Centre.

The KREA Project made by La Fábrica in 2006 included the definition of the centre’s model, its main lines of action, a model activity programme and required facilities and coordination of the former convent’s restoration project with the architectural staff. Furthermore, it defined the communications strategy including the design of KREA’s name and image and development of materials for the project’s presentation, including graphic supports, video pieces and the initial website.