In April 2008 La Fábrica fully entered the audiovisual field. In order to improve communication of its projects, it opened a department specialised in the creation of the small-format audiovisual pieces that compose the La Fabrica TV catalogue, the structure that houses all the material produced by La Fábrica and to date includes more than 200 in-house pieces.

This group of audiovisual works includes project presentation videos, exclusive interviews with authors from diverse creative spheres, continuation and promotion pieces, advertising spots, graphics and animations all characterised by their originality, technical quality and a refined post-production. This activity has caught the attention of
institutions and entities that have turned to La Fábrica to contract their services for the audiovisual production of corporate videos and ¡cultural interviews.

These first audiovisual exercises established the foundation for creation of a specific department for producing documentaries. La Fábrica’s objective is to offer regular viewers of photography and culture in general new perspectives on creators and visual artists. Projects have come up that are more ambitious in terms of approach and plot complexity and La Fábrica has begun to prepare large-format documentaries for them. ?

The first was the production of the document Héroes sin Armas (Unarmed Heroes), made for the Spanish Society of Cultural Commemorations and directed by Marta Arribas and Ana Pérez. La Fábrica’s first documentary tells the story of four photojournalists: Alfonso, Marín, Díaz Casariego and Campúa. It is a story of forgetfulness, ignorance and concealment that reviews the work of the first generation of Spanish graphic reporters whose tracks disappeared after the war.