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Paralympic swimmer Teresa Perales clashed in from Rio de Janeiro 2016 games to the challenge of beating the American Michael Phelps in the number of Olympic medals. Besides Perales is and will be Fundación Telefónica Ambassador for the next years.

She represents the values of commitment, overcoming, spirit entrepreneur and vision of future that inspire Fundación Telefónica. Furthermore is Teresa´s attitude the fact that has turn herself in a

In addition, it is the attitude of Teresa which, apart from these important values, has become an example of personal growth. She is the protagonist of a true story in which limitations do not pose an impediment to the fulfillment of her objectives.

Through a project conceived and managed by La Fábrica, Fundación Telefónica proposed Teresa Perales meet new creative challenges.

Teresa Perales overcame four challenges before participating in the Olimpic Games. Challenges regarding different cultural areas: cinema, illustration, gastronomy and music.

In her first challenge, Teresa Perales became the protagonist of a short film, directed by Javier Fesser. Then, over 20 illustrators gave life to a comic that collects anecdotes regarding the summer. Within the television program Masterchef Teresa Perales fulfilled a gastronomic challenge and in the last challenge, thanks to the fusion between music and technology, Teresa´s body and her movements in the swimming pool were the instruments to compose a symphony.