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Curator: Nicolás Combarro
From: 01.2018

With Café Lehmitz Anders Petersen (Stockholm, 1944) defined his style and subsequent works, and at the same time earned significant international recognition. Over the course of three years, he worked with utmost humanity and care taking pictures of prostitutes, travesties, lovers, and drug addicts that frequented the bar. In 1970 Petersen presented his first solo exhibition that was held in the Café itself and included nearly 350 photographs. With regards to this body of work and as a declaration of intentions, Anders Petersen states that when photographing he uses only his heart, and only when reviewing his negatives afterward does he use his analytical capacity. This exhibition is a survey of this extensive body of work that includes unedited images and documentary materials that reveal the artist´s creative process as it has never been seen before.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Anders Petersen