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From: 01.2018

In the past decade, Teresa Margolles has focused her artistic practice on Juarez City, Mexico, a place that is tragically known for the wars between drug cartels, the kidnappings, the brutal assassination of hundreds of women, and for the impunity of the assassins caused by the inaction of public authorities. Since the 90s, successive city councils have tried to recover the historic center by enacting a social cleansing and eliminating from the proximity the sex servers, among others. Dance Floors reveals transgenic sex workers occupying the remains of what were once the dance floors of the now demolished nightclubs. To create these images, the artist has outlined the dance floors with water to show their precise location. Teresa Margolles has worked closely with the transgenic sex workers, which has enabled her to delve deep into the complexities and difficulties that they experience day in and day out.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Teresa Margolles