Curator: Cristina Vives
Number of photographs: 200 photographs and 31 plotters
Contact: Ana Berruguete
Catalogue: published by La Fábrica
Toured to: Casa América (Madrid), Cordoaria Nacional (Lisboa) and COEX Seúl.

Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, known by everyone as Korda, is internationally recognized as one of the masters of Cuban Revolution photography. His images of Ché Guevara and Fidel Castro inspired generations of youngsters during the 60’s and 70’s. His most famous image is, without any doubt, the picture of the Ché’s, taken in 1960, whose title is Heroic Guerrilla.

The exhibition, called Korda known and unknown invites us, however, to do a trip across all facets of his extraordinary trajectory, making an special emphasis in his close, not well known, relationship with the world of fashion, defined by him as “aesthetics of beauty”. The Revolution and various aspects of Cuban society will be main subjects in the exhibition, as well.

The exhibits, selected from his original negatives, ar inedited as a whole, coming from his intimate archives. Research, texts and curatorship are done by Cristina Vives, supported by Alberto Korda’s Estate, and the assistance of José A. Figueroa, who was Alberto Korda’s personal assistant. The selection pays homage to all Korda’s beauty ideals.