04-06-2009 / 24-07-2009

Ignacio Uriarte

Trabajos sobre (el) papel (Works on Paper) is an exhibition that turns around its title itself, analyzing and representing the different scuptorical and pictorial qualities of paper in its everyday use by administrative workers.

The exhibition will include works among which it is worth mentioning the diptych Los dos lados de mi escritorio (Both sides of my desk) (2008) that portrays both sides of his empty desk with a Polaroid camera. Through simple photographic techniques, it gives the impression that the table’s surface itself is made of paper.

The work XL (2009) will also be shown, a projection of 80 slides that counts slides from 1 to 40 in Roman numeral, in both directions. Ball pens are used to count, but not in the habitual manner, but as scuptorical elements that compound the numbers in the paper. This way, the writing tool turns into a sign.

Zahlenwerk 1 & 2 (2009) are two impressions in Excel sheets where cells are numbered following predetermined patterns, respecting (and at the same time, representing) the quantitative limits of the software. The video Papierballfall (2009) is based in a simple scuptorical gesture: make paper balls and throw them away to the wastepaper bin. In the video, the gesture turns in a clock, as balls fall in intervals of a second, incrementing and decreasing in size in space of a minute.

Ignacio Uriarte