06-11-2009 / 12-12-2009

Marina Abramovic

The third individual one of Marina Abramovic in La Fabrica Galeria will show for the first time the new series The Kitchen. Homage to Saint Therese. This project, produced by La Laboral Theatre in Gijon and the Government of the Principality of Asturias is comprised of 9 photographs in colour and black and white of the diverse performances that the artist carried out recently in Gijon about Saint Therese of Avila.

The exhibition taking place in La Fabrica Galeria is the precedent to the great retrospective Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present that the MoMA of NY will carry out in the spring of 2010.

La Fabrica Galeria presents The Kitchen. Homage to Saint Therese, a project carried out in the kitchens of the headquarters of La Laboral in Gijon in May this year. To carry out the project Marina Abramovic has been inspired in the life of Saint Therese of Avila and some of the texts that she has used as a reference for this project are the following notes of Saint Therese of Avila on their experiences of levitation:

“Although the ecstasy brings us the joy, the weakness of our nature at the beginning frightens us and we need to be decisive and brave of soul… Occasionally I have been able to resist, but to price of a great exhaustion, so after that I felt as if I had been fighting with a powerful giant.

Other times, resistance has been impossible: my soul has gone, what is more, like a norm my head without me can’t avoid it neither; at times my entire body has been influenced to the extent of being raised from the floor. It seemed that when I tried to resist me a great force raised me. I confess that I felt a sudden great fear, a great fear is more at the beginning: seeing a body that is elevated of the land, although the spirit stops (with great sweetness as without resistance), the senses are not lost; to the end was so much I eat to be able to see that was being high… Later the ecstasy was finished. I have to say that my body seemed often to float, as if all the weight had gone, so much that occasionally I barely knew that my feet touched the floor…”

Marina Abramovic