29-01-2009 / 14-03-2009

Rineke Dijkstra

The series Park Portraits, to be shown in Spain in its entirety for the first time, consists of 13 large-format images of children and teenagers going about their daily routines and at their leisure. Begun in 2005, the series comprises images taken in the parks of different cities around Europe, China and the United States, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Liverpool, New York and Xiamen.

Since the early 1990s, Rineke Dijkstra (Sittard, Holland, 1959) has been photographing people at moments of fatigue, change, adaptation to new situations and immersed in the process of constructing their identity. These visions reveal the fragility of the human condition when faced with change and explore how human beings relate to themselves and to the image they project.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the key visual artists of her generation, Dijkstra has produced several series of collective portraits, including Beach Portraits (1992), Tiergarten Series (1998-2000) and Israeli Soldiers (1999-2000). Meanwhile, Almerisa (1994-2005), Shany (2001-2003) and Olivier (2000-2003) portray the same subject undergoing a period of transition, revealing how young people change physically and also how they alter their personality in front of the camera.

Park portraits incorporates new elements in Dijkstra’s professional trajectory: the atmosphere is more theatrical than in her previous works and the poses are more relaxed, contrasting with the more formal settings of earlier series. The artist takes a step forward in Park portraits, providing a new context and medium for her subjects.

Rineke Dijkstra