¡Surprise me!, by Philippe Halsman

La Fábrica and Obra Social “la Caixa” publish Surprise me! by Phillippe Halsman (Riga, Latvia, 1906 – New York, 1979)

A volume that gathers Halsman´s prolific production on the occasion of the exhibition held in Caixaforum Barcelona, from june to october 2016, that will visit Madrid in november 2016.

Surprise me! assemble a complete corpus of Halsman´s work, from his early works, untill the last years of his production – when he had a close relation with Dali – including portraits, settings and the series Jumpology

“Although mainly known by his 101 Life magazine covers and his extense colaboration with Salvador Dali, Phillipe Halsman has a wide variety both of works (portraits, fashion, photo reportage, advertising, or personal proyects, among others) and clients (magazines, private assigments and institutions)” as Anne Lacoste points out in the book.

Among his hole production it is through portraits when Halsman developed his most personal works. From themJumpology series, compose by more than 170 pictures, was born. Halsman presented his proyect as a new scientific tool for psychology. The action of jumping helps to achieve the deshinibition, as the protrayed is concentrated in the jump. The photographer´s challenge was to capture this exact moment where “the mask fell out”.

Marilyn Monroe´s portraits are one of the best known works of his production. Altough his colaboration with Salvador Dali, was also capital and very prolific thanks to the intelectual complicity they shared.

Surprise me! goes through Halsman´s work in a book with 270 photographies in which the author thinks over reality, fiction, mental projections and constructed images. The volume also includes essays by Sam Stourdzé, Anne Lacoste and Marc Aufraise, along with short texts by Halsman himself, his wife and his daughter.

About the author

Philippe Halsman (Riga, 1906 – New York, 1979) arrived in Paris in 1931 to develop his artistic career. He works in publicity and in several magazines such as Journal des modes, Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar y Votre beauté.

His first exhibition took place in 1936 in the  Galerie de la Pléiade. He published his first covers in Life magazine working with the Black Star agency. He also work in Magnum. He was awarded by the  American Academy of Achievement and the ASMP, among other institutions.

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Cocteau L'Artiste multidisciplinaire, 1949, Philippe Halsman

Cocteau L’Artiste multidisciplinaire, 1949, Philippe Halsman

¡Surprise me!, by Philippe Halsman