Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Hämeenlinna, Finland, 1959) has long been considered a master of the multimedia form. Her work is conceptually organized around the construction of image, language, narrative, and space, and she has often probed individual identity and the boundaries of the subject in relation to the external world. Exploring the fragile inner life of her protagonists and the tenuous line separating fantasy from reality, Ahtila’s narratives provide tales of disturbing intimacy, loss, repression, and neuroses and are often focused on the unsettling emotions at the heart of personal relationships.

The show feature 18 photographs of the Scenographer’s Mind series, planned by the artist before finish her very well know installation The House.

The Hour of Prayer
is one of the most personal work of this prestigious Finnish artist. The story told reflects about attachment and death based on her own experience Ahtila’s work outstands by her quality and her narrative which recreates reality through multiple stories

The artist explores film language and aply cinema shotting techniques to experiment with perception and narrative

Exhibition will be open from 25 Juanuary to 31 March

Further information: www.lafabricagaleria.com