In less than a decade, before Woodman committed suicide in 1981 at age 22, she produced a potent body of photographs exploring the human body in architectural space and the complex problem of representing the self. Haunting and intimate, direct and visceral, her work reveals the unusually coherent vision of an artist who had barely entered adulthood but who has greatly influenced subsequent generations of artists.

Now, 30 years after her death, La Fábrica Galería shows 20 photographies -9 of them unprinted- from different periods of the artist’s production which allow to notice what has been constant in her work. Woodman used her own body as her primary subject, relentlessly exploring and, in the process, complicating the genre of self-portraiture. Her figure-most often shown nude in the dilapidated, gothic-like interiors she was drawn to (and sometimes lived in)-shifts back and forth between appearance and disappearance, sexuality and innocence. In some works her body appears blurred in motion or enveloped in peeling wallpaper. In others, it is pressed against mirrors or into furniture, posed alongside symbolic objects such as an eel and dead birds, or juxtaposed against the textures of fur or ragged cloth.

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