La Fábrica launches The Bolshoi with a hundred photographs by Sasha Gusov

La Fábrica launches The Bolshoi an amazing book that includes a 110 photographs taken by the Russian photographer Sasha Gusov.  The 110 black-and-white photographs making up the volume are accompanied by an introduction by film director Andrei Konchalovsky

This work of art offers a completely unknown view of one of the oldest, most prestigious dance companies in the world. The book includes, among others: rehearsals, waiting in the wings to go onstage, dancers in their dressing rooms preparing to perform, and great moments in the ballet’s visits to London between 1993 and 2016.

According to Andrei Navrozov: ” Gusov’s photographs are lightning fissures, apertures, openings. They are neat as the bullet marks made in the moving target of time by a master of the craft, and the weird and hopeless dawn that streams through these tightly clustered pinholes is the light of future.”

This book displays the heart of the company, through the eyes not only of an expert photographer but of a lover deeply familiar with this company, which offers a unique perspective on the essence of ballet. The Bolshoi offers a social, narrative and esthetic vision of the company’s day-to-day life, preparing and performing great works of classical ballet like Swan Lake, Giselle, Don Quixote, or Spartacus.

Sasha Gusov is a photographer specializing in portraits and music, dance, and classical ballet photography, living in England since 1989. In 1993, his photographic project Images of the Bolshoi Ballet gained him international recognition. Gusov’s work has been widely published around the world. His photography books include 25 Years in Photography, 2014; Belarus: Terra Incognita, 2010; Royal Parks, 2011; Locusts, 2008; Italian Carousel, 2003; or Shooting Images, 2011.