The festival’s second edition will be held during February 2019 with a programme replete with 202 activities, among them 53 exhibitions and 12 installations, bringing together 410 design professionals

The festival starts on 1 February with the opening of the exhibitions Darro: Design and Art (1959- 1979); Meticulous design: Contemporary Spanish Crafts; and Super Packaging, Design serving Design, at the Fernán Gómez, Centro Cultural de la Villa

Crafts, industrial and product design, fashion, urban planning, graphic design, architecture, illustration, sustainability and technology will be just some of the disciplines present at the festival

Music and gastronomy are new features at this edition, with a concert schedule and a Food Design space

The Madrid Design Festival Awards, which honour the work of great personas in national and international design, will recognise Italian designer Gaetano Pesce and El Último Grito

Lidewij Edelkoort, Andreu Carulla, Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada, Petrus Palmer, Jan Boelen, Majan Van Aubel, Envisions, Benjamin Hubert, Guillermo Santomà, Andrew Waugh, Marcus Fairs, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Estudio Mayice, Dominique Perrault, Cristian Zuzunaga, Inma Bermúdez, Oscar Mariné, Hermanos Berenguer, Form Us with Love and Curro Claret will be some of the main players this edition

On 14, 15 and 16 February at COAM, MadridDesignPRO will bring together big names in national and international design who, under the slogan Redesign the World, will participate in panel sessions, workshops and masterclasses

Early bird tickets are now available at with a 25% discount

 The Festival OFF doubles its participation with 80 spaces, among shops, design studios and, for the first time, restaurants, with special and exclusive programming during the festival

From 1 to 28 February 2019, Madrid will welcome the second edition of Madrid Design Festival, an international annual event that was created to hoist the design flag high in Spain and celebrate the value of this discipline and its transformative ability. In line with the slogan ‘Redesign the World’, Madrid Design Festival wants to carve out a niche for itself on the calendar of the largest international events to honour the work of designers, brands and institutions and create a must-visit event to discover the ideas and practices of benchmark creators and putting the international spotlight on local and national design.

With cross-cutting disciplines and hybridisation at the core of content programming, Madrid Design Festival wants to become a reference and leading celebration, taking advantage of the creative effervescence of a city that is using design as a tool for change in economic and social spheres, as well as in urban planning, architecture and communications.

Madrid Design Festival 2019 has a programme which this year offers an increased number of exhibitions and installations since its first edition, new institutions and brands have been added, as well as new features like music and gastronomy.

Madrid Design Festival will offer over 200 activities, including 53 exhibitions, 12 installations, the participation of 410 professionals and the involvement of 28 museums and institutions and 30 brands connected to the world of design.

The festival is being run and organised by Álvaro Matías and this year it has a new advisory committee composed of Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, Martí Guixé, Inma Bermúdez, Lucas Muñoz, Quico Vidal, Jasper Morrison, Nelly Ben Hayoun and Ramón Úbeda.

In this second edition, Madrid Design Festival will recognise Italian design legend Gaetano Pesce and El Último Grito, a creative group made up of Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado, founded in 1997 and based in London.

 Bringing design to the general public

Fernán Gómez, Centro Cultural de la Villa is the main exhibition space, with three proposals created especially for the festival. Darro: Design and Art (1959- 1979), will pay tribute to one of the most prominent brands in Spanish design via 60 iconic pieces. Curated by Pedro Feduchi, the exhibition will showcase the history of the brand, founded by Paco Muñoz in 1959 and representing a true revolution in industrial design in a period in which a new paradigm was being sought for housing. Meticulous design: Contemporary Spanish Crafts is a large group show that will offer viewers the chance to see some of the best craft projects to be found all over Spain, with 117 pieces by 60 studios. Macarena Navarro – Reverter is the curator of this show that will include the participation—among others—of Gordiola, Rs, Iolema, Escaray, Anónima, Steve Mono, Martín Arzúa, Talavera and Sagen Ceramics. On its part, Super Packaging, Design serving Design will trace a journey through the past, present and future of packaging design. We’ll be able to see diverse categories of works by Patinuñez (Barcelona), Botánico Estudio (Salamanca), Sidecar (Basque Country), Lacia y Delamata (Madrid), Lavernia&Cienfuegos (Valencia), Estudio Maba and Cabello x Mure (Jaén) Eva Mingella (Barcelona), Moruba (La Rioja), Supperstudio (Madrid) and Javier Garduño (Zamora). Ana Dominguez Siemens, José María Faerna and La Fábrica are curating the exhibition.

COAM, the official festival headquarters, will host the exhibition featuring the finalists of the Rado Star Prize Spain 2019. In its second call for proposals under the slogan Timelessness of Materials, this year the contest asks participants to focus on the selection of raw materials and develop works that will remain unaltered over the course of time. Designers Inma Bermúdez and Andreu Carulla, curator and journalist Ana Domínguez Siemens, trends analyst Lidewij Edelkoort and Rado Product Development Manager Hakim El Kadiri will be the jury members for this second edition.

The same centre will exhibit a selection of iconic chairs by Andreu World, works by designers including Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. In the setting of this exhibition, the book Comer bien sentado. Diseño y gastronomía (Eat Well Seated: Design and Food) by Álvaro Castro will be launched, in which great chefs like José Andrés and Gastón Acurio reflect on the fusion of gastronomy and design.

The National Museum of Decorative Arts will house four exhibitions. Las Costuras femeninas de la Moda de España (Female seamstresses behind Fashion in Spain)(1930-2018) will let us embark on a journey through the world of fashion in Spain using photograph collections from the EFE News Agency. This centre will also house the 3rd Exhibition of Contemporary precious metalwork and jewellery with original pieces from 30 national and international designers. Outside the Box will give visibility to the five years of hard work done by the young designers awarded by INJUVE with its grants for creation. Further, at Grupo 13, Advertising between Art and Design will set out the development of this group that, in the 1960s, revolutionised the advertising media and language of the day.

The Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) will devote an exhibition to Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada that will display the creative universe of this Spanish designer—National Fashion Design Award winner in 2017— with 20 pieces from the museum’s collection.

At the Cerralbo Museum the pieces by designer Guillermo Santomà will be integrated into its rooms, establishing a peculiar dialogue between the 19th and 21st centuries.

And the National Archaeological Museum and Museum of Romanticism will have special routes in which they will exhibit pieces from their collections that are particularly linked to the world of design.

 The ABC Museum will host the exhibition Fina estampa. Ilustración y moda (Fine Print: Illustration and Fashion) with the works of 22 national and international artists who are references today in the world of illustration.

Di_MAD/ Central de Diseño will host four extremely different proposals centred on different design fields. For the sixth consecutive year, the public can mark the date on their calendar for Fresh Product, a project aimed at publicising the product designs created in Madrid over the last year. Di-lightful will offer an experimental reflection on our relationship with light and its creative possibilities in different design fields. On its part, the exhibition Complementary will put the spotlight on fashion accessories, while Mujer Objeto (Aim: Woman) will exhibit the works created by a group of emerging women in the fields of design, architecture and plastic arts.

Within the exhibitions being spotlighted at the festival, we will also have the show Wood in Progress, the result of work by designers from the Dutch company Envisions at the factories of the timber company Finsa.

Made in Creative Quarter, Bucharest: the best Romanian design comes to Madrid
Madrid Design Festival will have a special international guest project: Made in Creative Quarter, Bucharest, an exhibition with contemporary design objects from the Creative Quarter of Bucharest. This is a journey of the imagination through the most effervescent creative and cultural district of Bucharest. Made in Creative Quarter is a project by The Institute, the organisation that organises Romanian Design Week, and is done in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Urban installations, the total design experience

Madrid Design Festival will intervene in urban spaces with several installations throughout the city.

For the second consecutive year MINI has chosen a local Madrid studio, this time the architecture studio MYCC, to create Home Urban Home, a space that will host creators and designers in an artist residence programme. This space will be present as an installation throughout the month of February and then it will become a permanent installation and operate as a residency and working space for creators from all round the world.

LG will present LG ECO House at COAM, a proposal at which the LG SIGNATURE range highlights how design, efficiency and technological innovation converge, giving rise to the home of the future, designed by a recognised architect. LG recently launched its Smart Green commitment, aimed at raising the population’s awareness about the importance of buying consciously and with environmental friendliness. The LG SIGNATURE range heeds this commitment with the most efficient products on the market, without neglecting design or innovation. LG will present smart and emotional technology, committed both to people and the future of the planet.

Designer Álvaro Catalán de Ocón will present at Zara Home’s flagship shops on Calles Hermosilla and Serrano the project PET Lamp Pikul, developed this year in Thailand. PET Lamp was created as a statement of environmental awareness related to the reuse of plastic bottles, although over time he has expanded it to include anthropological research about the different basketry and paper traditions employed in the cultural lives of the indigenous communities. The project will be exclusive to the festival framework, as an advance for its inclusion at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Iberia will offer a route comprising four installations in its From Madrid to the Sky located at COAM, the Only You Atocha Hotel, Fernán Gómez, Centro Cultural de la Villa, and the Sala Bóvedas at the Casa de la Panadería, which will immerse visitors in the experience of travelling and interacting with the works on display.

Professional days at the festival midpoint

COAM will be the main venue housing the professional activities on 14, 15 and 16 February for MadridDesignPRO, with a programme that will include conferences, masterclasses and workshops.

Petrus Palmer, Jan Boelen, Andrew Waugh, Benjamin Hubert, Gaetano Pesce, El Último Grito, Dominique Perrault and Clarice Lauriot-Prevost, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Cristian Zuzunaga, Marcus Fairs, Jorge Martinez, Carlos Galán, Romero Vallejo, Joseph María Mir, David Ramos, Curro Claret, Mycc, Lemons Bucket, Nagami, Burel Factory, the Hermanos Berenguer and Ilenia Martini are just some of the professionals who have confirmed their participation.

Within MadridDesignPRO, Mormedi is offering a Design Thinking workshop entitled Reimagining the future of urban mobility. The workshop will be given by three Mormedi directors and will have a workshop format, combined with ‘capsules’ with presentations and working in small teams.

Owing to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), via its Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) in its Visitors mode, Madrid Design Festival will be visited by international professionals linked to the world of design. Galleries, international design festivals and museums will be represented by: Rossana Orlandi (curator and gallery owner); Emilio Cabrero (Festival Design Week Mexico); Jukka Savolainen (Helsinki Design Museum); Barbara Coutinho (Lisbon Museum of Decorative Arts), Jean Blanchaert (gallery owner) and Lina Kanafani (owner of Mint Shop gallery, London), among others.

MINI Urban Talks will be held during the COAM professional days: masterclasses centred on the creation of new solutions for inhabiting the city and on the search for innovative tools and new materials to build them.

MINI Urban Meetings will include a family recycling workshop at the hands of Precious Plastics, an international community that has reached all parts of the world and which will discuss the second life of materials, as well as a workshop for industrial engineers by the Swedish company Form Us With Love.

For the second consecutive year, Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp proposes a co-creation initiative to support young and creative emerging talent. A unique educational experience that will take place on 14, 15 and 16 February at COAM. This year, a group of participants selected by an expert committee will participate in Soul of Glass, a workshop that will be offered from 13 to 16 February by Aristocrazy under the guidance of the design studio Mayice.

Design in every corner of the city

Acción Mutante is a project curated by Matadero Madrid and elii , in which an international group of artists will get involved in a process that will last at least two years to investigate how art and design let us create more ecological cities. The Matadero Madrid complex will be the case study for applying nature-based solutions, to thus test adaptation responses to climate change, in parallel transforming it into a more pleasant place. Within this initiative, di_MAD is offering its workshop Mutant, an intensive week of workshops at the Central de Diseño.

Conde Duque will host Ladies, Wine & Design — Side projects, a day of conferences and networking with speakers who will give their views from different design disciplines and they will tell us about their experiences in their personal entrepreneurial projects. Further, the cultural centre will be the main music venue for the festival, with a concert programme arranged by Subterfuge, which will include Soledad Velez + Cumhur Jay, Texxcoco and Solo Astra.

Cosentino, at its premises Cosentino Madrid City will take part at Madrid Design Festival with three activities: the launch of the book Global Kitchen 2 with a meeting between interior designer María Villalón and chef Paco Roncero; the presentation of the project A Kitchen for the Near Future by Alfredo Häberli for the LivingKitchen fair in Cologne; and the exhibition La cuadratura del círculo (The Squaring of the Circle) by Cruz Novillo.

T, the New York Times Style Magazine, published by the SpainMedia Group, will conduct a series of activities within Madrid Design Festival that are centred on design and journalism under the name T Magazine: Design loves Journalism, including designers like Max Enrich, Plutarco, La Cosa and Joel. These activities will bring together the very best of national journalism and design at Bulthaup Claudio Coello.

The courtyard of La Casa Encendida will welcome the conference and workshop series La revolución del hogar y la ciudad (The Revolution of Home and City), created by joining-up IKEA and La Casa Encendida, whose purpose is to showcase the revolution that cities, homes, spaces and their inhabitants are experiencing, from a design viewpoint. IKEA will invite experts both from its global organisation and from other companies with which it works, as well as from its ideas laboratory in Copenhagen, SPACE10. And for its part, La Casa Encendida is organising a series of conferences, workshops and temporary exhibitions in which some of the most relevant voices of national and international contemporary design will be taking part. To design and create the space where the conferences will be held, IKEA and La Casa Encendida have launched an open call for young designers.

The Telefónica Foundation is back to be the space for design and technology, organising—among other activities—a new Extended and Virtual Reality seminar and a panel session that will be used to plant the seed for a new programming line that the festival will include in successive editions: design and health. The foundation will also hold a panel session on the project Mira qué lindas (Look how pretty), a look at the history of Latin American graphic design applied to record covers.

The Ibero-American Institute of Finland will host a furniture salon created as the result of the meeting between Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen and Spaniard Andreu Carulla at the event Design Diplomacy during Helsinki Design Week 2017. Further, during all weekends in February this venue will have a design cafeteria that will host meetings, conferences and activities with Spanish and Finnish designers at its recently inaugurated offices at Mercado de San Antón.

Medialab Prado will be offering Interactivos? ’19 Eating against Collapse: the Inevitable End of the Agro-industrial Food Model, an international workshop for collaborative prototyping that combines an international seminar, a prototyping workshop, a public presentation of the prototypes developed and their subsequent exhibition. Interactivos? ´19 has the support of the H2020 DITOs project.

The Only You Atocha Hotel, the official festival hotel, will house the Food Design Space with a dinner offering on weekends at which gastronomy and design will be the protagonists.

Also, the municipal public library network will spotlight books specialising in design and art, making them available to users at several of its libraries and centres of interest throughout February 2019.

Design at schools

IED Madrid will once again be the official school of Madrid Design Festival. Its three sites will form part of the stage for the large design festival for one month, showcasing for the general public, and not just specialists, a professional practice that is transforming the world in which we live. The activities on offer will be distributed over the IED Design District and IED Talks with Marjan van Aubel programmes, as well as IED Luce 2019, the Verbena Innovadora and some hands-on workshops to get the little ones started in design.

Moreover, designer, illustrator, font expert and artist Oscar Mariné, honoured with the 2010 National Design Award, will give a conference on his extensive career as the creator of Francisco de Vitoria University, the guest school of the festival, where you can also see graphic projects created by students of the Design and Fine Arts undergraduate courses at this university.

Showrooms and Festival OFF: Madrid’s design party

For its second edition, Madrid Design Festival is doubling the involvement of Madrid’s local fabric, with 80 venues, between showrooms and OFF spaces, to which 12 restaurants have been added this year. Roca Madrid Gallery, Miele, Camper, Bulthaup Claudio Coello and Actiu will be the showrooms this edition with proposals involving design, from exhibitions to workshops and talks by different professionals.

Participants in the Festival OFF include: 2B Space To Be, Abanuc, Ábbate, Amarillo Cromo, Andrés Gallardo, Batavia, Becara, BSB Alfombras, ERA in the Caotics universe, Casa Josephine, Chic & Soul, Chus Burés, Concepto Dr Minotti, Concepto Dr Molteni, Cuarto Interior, D – Espacio Concept Store, Davinia Cocinas, Doméstico Shop, El Moderno, En el 15 de Velázquez, Espacio Aretha, EX-PER-IM-ENT-O, Gancedo, Gandía Blasco, Hästens Store Madrid, JMM Showroom, Jorge Penadés for BDBarcelona, Karen Hallam, Kikekeller, L’Atelier Óptica,  La Fábrica, Mad Lab, Marre Moerel Design Studio, Marset, Mayice, Metropolitan Closet Company, Moanne, Modernario, Moretti Cocinas, Mott, Naza A&D and Kantfish, Nieva en Madrid, Oak, O_LUMEN and León López de la Osa, Opening Design Area, Half&Twice, Pez, Qbika, Real Jardín Botánico, Reynaers Aluminium, Santa & Cole for Bulthaup, Taller Puntera, Tiempos Modernos, Usera Usera, VbosSpagna, Vertisol, We Crave and Zelai; and the restaurants: Ático The Principal by Ramón Freixá, Brasserie Antoinette, Cuatro de Ocho, Il Tavolo Verde, La China Mandarina, La Lupita, La Mamona, La Retirada, La Tabarra, NuBel, Raimunda and The Captain.