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Curator: Oliva María Rubio
From: 09.2018

Carmen Calvo (Valencia, 1950) is an acclaimed conceptual artist in the national panorama and one who enjoys international prestige. Recognised with the National Visual Arts Award in 2013, her work stands out for its experimental nature and a habitual combination of techniques. She begins with discoveries. The objects that she uses in her artworks are found or acquired in street markets and then incorporated with other artistic elements. Through her work, Calvo questions and examines human behaviours and relationships. Hers is a complex creative world where feminism and social, moral, and religious critique are interwoven. This exhibition is focused on her photographic works, or rather, pieces created with photographs. Carmen Calvo intervenes on already existing images, modifying and alternating the original material to create unique singular pieces.

Contact: exposiciones@lafabrica.com 

Carmen Calvo