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La Térmica is an initiative of the Provincial Council of Málaga in which La Fabrica has been responsible for the project’s conceptualization, the development of the center’s corporate image, definition of its activities, reorganization and development of its facilities and creation of the site,
La Térmica is a new center of contemporary cultural creation and production, inspired on a modern approach, open and plural that seeks, through culture and citizens’ initiative, to develop a new vision of reality. Around three axes -culture, education and society -the old civic center of the Málaga’s Provincial Council, located at Avenida de los Guindos, is transformed into a center for creation that has unique spaces where to see the most varied art forms, enjoy live music, performances, lectures, courses, workshops and a full range of activities covering all areas of culture. The program of activities of La Térmica is designed to reach all audiences, therefore it will work with the national art centers’ network. Its rooms, patios and auditoriums will integrate in La Térmica the old spirit of the city’s civic center as well as most of the cultural program of the Provincial Council of Málaga.
La Térmica will be presented as the focus of artistic and cultural trends. A reference point where the biggest names in national and international culture will be represented. The center is home to spaces for creation, classrooms, auditoriums, children’s activity areas and places for meetings. Its renewal extends to its outer perimeter to create entertainment and socialization for youth. A new concept for a emblematic building with facilities of over 13,000 square meters.
La Fábrica has also developed the future program of the creation and entrepreneurs center of La Térmica which will offer training and mentoring programs for creative professionals, entrepreneurs and coworkers of the culture industry. A hub of talent and good ideas that will soon launch its call and offer from October 2013 residences, financial training and technical support.