[heading style=”h-modern” heading=”Getafe Negro” fonsize=”28″][heading style=”h-modern” heading=”The Police Novel Festival of Madrid. City Council of Getafe” fonsize=”16″]

Getafe Negro was created in October 2007 as an annual event of reference in Spain’s literary agenda and it seeks to focus on the dissemination of reading and other cultural initiatives related to crime literature, which today has become the new great social and realistic novel of our time and describes as no other genre does the problems,
difficulties and challenges facing contemporary societies.

This cultural festival occupies the streets, the Carlos III University and Getafe’s cultural centres and fills them with writers, publishing houses, musicians, artists, actors and readers in an intense programme of cultural activities: books, talks, debates,  seminars, comics, music, theatre, films and all types of activities addressing all types of public.

This initiative directed and promoted by the City Council of Getafe is curated by Lorenzo Silva, the writer from Getafe, and implemented by La Fábrica.

Getafe Negro offers debates open to participation by the public and it is led by major Spanish and foreign figures in the noir, police, mystery, fantasy, terror, science fiction and graphics novel genres in a multifaceted, multi-genre literary festival.

Writers of the stature of Juan Madrid, José María Guelbenzu, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Fernando Marías, Mariano Sánchez Soler, Elia Barceló, Pedro Herrasti, Jens Lapidus, Åsa Larsson, Abasse Ndione and Moussa Konaté have taken part in the festival.