El pasado 30 de marzo, PHotoESPAÑA, el Festival Internacional de Fotografía y Artes Visuales, puso en marcha la convocatoria #PHEdesdemibalcón, una iniciativa con la que se invitaba a los ciudadanos a expresarse a través de la fotografía con imágenes tomadas desde sus balcones y ventanas, como un ejercicio colectivo en una situación tan excepcional como la […]

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The festival will revolve around several thematic concepts that will address portraiture, Spanish photography from the twentieth century through to the present and collectionism, among others Cristina de Middel joins the festival’s anniversary celebrations with her ‘Carte Blanche’ section, Players, which recaptures photography’s playful dimension and which will include, among others, works by Samuel Fosso, […]

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The 20th International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts PHotoEspaña will take place between the 31th of May and the 27th of August 2017. In its 20th anniversary PHotoEspaña takes a step forward, 20 years after its birth, analyzing what 20 years implies in the development of photography and visual arts  Fill the application form […]

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PHotoEspaña announces its first-prize winners in recognition of the careers of two major photographers

Gruyaert’s work is on view in the group show Transitions. Ten Years that Altered Europe at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, as part of PHotoEspaña 2016’s official section

Cristóbal Hara has won the Bartolomé Ros Award for “the originality of his work, his singular vision and the depth of his work throughout the last decades.”

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Women, Children and Loitering Men focuses on the photographer’s most prolific period through archives and unpublished images

The photographer Shirley Baker offers an empathetic but unsentimental portrait of ordinary people’s lives

The demolition of impoverished neighborhoods in England during the 60s and 70s serve the British photographer as backdrop to her portrayal of people in relation to their surroundings

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The show, part of the Official Selection of PHotoEspaña 2016, features a selection of unique pieces created by the artist from scratch –from the cameras themselves to the picture frames. A tribute to the feminine world and a declaration of the freedom and independence of artists

The Museum of Romanticism is participating in PHotoEspaña for the fourth time, a vital event for this museum devoted to the 19th century, precisely the century when photography itself was invented

In this edition, dedicated to European photography, the museum is hosting a show by the Czech photographer Miroslav Tichý (Kyjov, Czech Republic, 1926-2011), on view from June 2nd to August 28th


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The show is curated by François Cheval and Audrey Hoareau

For its 19th edition, PHotoEspaña is dedicated to European photography, continuing the concept initiated in its 2014 edition of focusing on a particular geographic area

The photographers participating in To the Gates of Paradise! aspire to contribute their unique testimony and to renovate, from the outside, the creation of an “engaged” photography 

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Features portraits by 33 photographers in distinct areas of the continent, in a journey through the evolution of the genre during the past 25 years in Europe

The works chosen, by photographers such as Luc Delahaye, Clare Strand, Anders Peterse and Alberto García-Alix, invite us to reflect on European identity, culture and history


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The 19th International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts PHotoEspaña will take place between the 1st of June and the 28th of August 2016. After covering photography in Spain as well as Latin-American photography, PHotoEspaña is now –in its nineteenth year– aiming to provide a panoramic view of photography on the European continent. The artistic […]

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Matadero Madrid se suma un año más a la sección oficial de PHotoEspaña con dos propuestas expositivas que se inauguran hoy jueves 11 de junio a las 20.00 horas

Por un lado,  la sala Abierto x Obras presenta Europa: Pasajes de Invierno, el nuevo trabajo del artista Florentino Díaz

Una instalación sobre la historia de Europa en el último siglo inspirada en el último gran proyecto de Walter Benjamin, El libro de los pasajes

Por otro lado, la Plaza de Matadero exhibe una selección de fotografías de los ganadores del Premio Descubrimientos PHE, que PHotoEspaña entrega desde su primera edición

La exposición Premios Descubrimientos PHE. 1998-2014 recoge una imagen de cada uno de los 17 autores premiados hasta el momento, entre los que se encuentran Matías Costa, Alejandra Laviada o Vanessa Winship

Más información: www.phe.es

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